About Me

Heather Tunaya-Lapid


I’m a visual designer with a focus in brand identities.

I love creating engaging experiences & lasting impressions that are driven by thoughtful strategy and visual aesthetics.  I have a background in Visual Communications and worked in the fashion & beauty industry prior to becoming a designer and is where I draw a lot of inspiration from.  Growing up as a military child,  different cultures and lifestyles.  Those experiences not only shaped me as a person, but have helped shape me as a designer and creative.  I believe that paired with my previous work background allows me to approach projects and find solutions through different perspectives, and is what sets me apart as a designer.  I'm always looking to develop my design skills and look forward to new creative opportunities. 

I currently live in San Diego, California with my husband & dog.  Other things I enjoy include: visting different coffee shops, seeking out new places to eat, going to concets, traveling or staycation-ing when I can't hop on a plane.

Let's work together!

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