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Supladough Bakeshop is a bakery café located in a trendy area in Metro Manila that has been on the up & coming in the last few years.  Panaderia's are local, mom & pop bakeshops that are found all over the Philippines, especially in smaller towns.  The common item sold is Pandesal, which is a traditional Filipino roll that is often eaten for breakfast and as a snack. 
The goal was to take something that is so traditional and create a brand that was fun & modern without losing tradition.

First, the name itself is a play on words—Suplado means "snob" in tagalog, since the word snob is commonly used in the food scene, I decided to play off of the word and spell it using dough instead since it is a bakeshop.  The brand's overall tone is playful and fun, which can be seen in witty copywriting that refrences Filipino culture & language as well as the color palette.  The goal of Supladough Bakeshop was to create a brand that was fresh & exciting but felt like home to locals, while also attracting tourists/foreigners and giving them a taste of Filipino traditon.


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