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Wild Sparrow

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Leanna Jones, Bradford Prairie, Sean Bacon

Wild Sparrow is a high-end boutique that sells specially curated luxury wide-brim hats and hat accessories.  The main goal was to create a brand that stood out amongst the competitors in the market.  I wanted the brand to feel fresh
& sophisticated and create a luxury feel and experience despite being primarily an online business. 

In order to separate Wild Sparrow, it was important for me to create a brand aesthetic that was neutral and spoke to both men and women, would stand out amongst the other businesses, and have a strong online presence.  That is what inspired the darker color palette & the minimalistic and unexpected design elements of the website.


Web Design
Because Wild Sparrow is primarily an E-Commerce shop, the main priority was creating a website that was easy to use and reflected the brand’s aesthetic. The dark color palette not only emphasizes the sophisticated and mature feel of the Wild Sparrow, but was a conscious decision to help distinguish the site amongst the numerous other hat brands and aslo allows the images to pop while browsing through the site. 

View full web prototype here.


Since Wild Sparrow is a high-end brand that is primarily an e-commerce business, when it came to designing the different packaging elements the main goal was to create an experience for the customer that reflected that at each touch point —all th way from the website, to the box the hat is shipped in, to the label and dustbag.  This meant creating a design system that was thoughtfully designed to be cohesive and emphasized the brand's regard for quality & style.


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